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Quality Control

At Limtex, the agents undergo various segments for quality check process. They are generally checked on pre-determined CTQs (Critical to Quality) fields. The monitoring reports of agents are clearly based on areas of opportunity for the agents to improve. The monitored reports are documented properly after duly signed by the agents and supervisors. Also our dialer system, and other client based infrastructure provide us the best possible services to retain the voice files and other barging facilities. We also have 100% recording of all calls for research and analysis. Not only this, clients also have the complete and full access to our recording system through the ftp site and also through remote barging from their end. The Call Quality phase is broken down into the following procedures:

  1. Call Calibration- Regular calibration is carried out to ensure that there are no deviations in the parameters of quality. The quality assurance team rates agents based on the parameters followed by them. These documents were sometimes even sent to the clients who rate them separately. Also on some processes the same call is evaluated by the client's quality team and the quality team at the delivery centers and marking discussed on real time basis. This ensures that the quality parameters are completely followed at the centre.

  2. Feedback- This is a critical stage of the quality process. The correct feedback is given to agents in the presence of their respective Supervisors and Team Captains. If required the agents' voice files are pulled out from the system and they are asked to listen to it for reference. There is also a feedback session based on the client's inputs from time to time. A complete metrics is prepared for the same so that there is no ambiguity.

  3. Training- The quality assurance team works together with the training department to provide effective coaching to the new agents and to develop areas of opportunity for agents already on the floor. It is a non-stop process and lasts as long as the process is dialing. For the new agents, the voice files are randomly pulled out by the quality team along with the trainer to prepare a feedback report on the same and they are further trained based on the report.

    New agents also have one to one sessions with the client before they move into actual production, who decides about their level of performance and whether they would be sent to the production floor or not.

  4. Report- The quality assurance team is also responsible for reporting which comprises of daily, weekly and monthly reports. Reports on the agents' performances are sent to the shift in-charge in a customize format for doing the needful.

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