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Limtex InfoTech is a global service provider delivering technology driven business solutions that can fulfill the strategic requirements of our clients. Limtex manages a BPO unit with 250+ employees and Professionals having Expertise in the same Industry for over 10 years. It also manages 50+ employees specializing in GIS enabled Services, Employee Resource Planning, Web Designing and Software Development currently working with Government Organizations and off shore Clients. We have a global presence with offices in the UK and the US apart from the main delivery centre in India.

The MIS Team is comprised of Internal Software Developers who continuously works to manage the day to day activities and work. Limtex works in accordance to the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines to ensure higher productivity and optimum delivery. Limtex has World Class Training and conferencing Facilities to deliver the best results for its clients world over.

We firmly believe that all our businesses should function uninterruptedly hence to keep the business flow of all our clients continuous, Limtex has developed its own BCP (Business Continuity Plan) site which is within 500 meters away from the Main Delivery Center. The site is developed to ensure that all our resources deployed for a business segment can be transferred easily to meet optimum service delivery.

In a short span of time a large number of aspirants prefer to work with Limtex as a brand. This has been achieved by giving individuals cross trainings and inter-departmental growth opportunities.

Limtex has shone brightly among reputed companies in India and it is also the pioneer of KPO activities in the whole of Eastern India.

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Limtex concentrate on delivering services solutions that free up our clients time and resources so they can focus on their needs. Limtex’s service model is flexible and our comprehensive range of services is relevant for clients across a large of markets.

Gunjan Poddar
Managing Director