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Why Us

The billion dollar question that an organization is faced with today is “Why should I deal with a particular company.” The answer we have to this question in perspective to Limtex Infotech is we ensure Dedication and Transparency. Limtex believes that whatever we do, whosoever we work for, the clients should always receive these two aspects from us.

Our entire workforces believes in going that extra mile for our clients in terms of making the entire procedure of work visible to them and thus achieve full transparency. We also understand that dedication is yet another obvious requisite to achieve excellence in whatever we do and thus in order to meet the business goals our workforce is absolutely dedicated to their respective fields of work. Everyone knows their role and thus we believe in collectively achieving our company goals.The chain of command is centralized so that every employee knows where an instruction is coming from and how, why and by when it needs to completed.

Limtex believes in being professional, fair and vigilant. We have successfully inculcated these three features in our work right from the base to the very top. Limtex believes that achieving business targets unprofessionally is a short-term and short lived affair. Limtex believes in achieving the targets and completing a client assignment with absolute professionalism and thus win the trust of our clients for long term association.

Limtex believes in fair trade practices and in house work force maintenance. It also believes in Treating Customers Fairly (TCF). Ever since it´s inception, Limtex has treaded the path of being fair to not only it´s clients but also to it´s employees who are actually the face of the Company and the backbone of it´s success. Moreover, it has been recognized as the “STAR TRADING HOUSE” by the Govt. Of India as we do strongly comply with the trade regulations set by the Laws of the Land. It also practices absolute transparency to it´s Customers and never to mislead or misguide them.

Limtex does not tolerate any unwanted or unprofessional activities within it´s premises. The employees are asked to always stay vigilant and respect the codes of employment and strictly abide by the them. The employees are also aware of the various different business aspects and the clients we deal with. We understand that they might have different business parameters to meet and hence Limtex employees are instructed to be ever vigilant regarding the performance of a job and never to compromise on matters like Data security and Customer confidence.

Limtex Infotech respects it´s clientelle and aims at achieving it´s own company goals through the achievement of the business parameters set by it´s clients. It is in a stage of rapid expansion and we hope to reach our deserved level soon.

Promise For

Limtex concentrate on delivering services solutions that free up our clients time and resources so they can focus on their needs. Limtex’s service model is flexible and our comprehensive range of services is relevant for clients across a large of markets.

Gunjan Poddar
Managing Director